Thursday, May 10, 2012

Prevent home invasion crime visitor recording machine (Brinno Peepholeviewer 1330M)


1. What is visitor recording machine (Brinno Peepholeviewer 1330M)

The visitor recording machine (Peephole Viewer 1330M) comes with the image recording function and motion activated sensor. When people approach to your house, the motion activated sensor will activate Peephole Viewer to record images. So even if you are not at home, you will know who ever came to your house! Brinno PeepHoleViewer 1330M has two parts, one is camera and LCD display on door inside, another is detect sensor outside. It uses an camera catch image from original peephole and LCD Panel to display who is at your door. Detect sensor (MAS100) is an extension accessory for PeepHole Viewer (PHV1330), it allows PHV1330 records images when a visitor come close to your door. So even if you are not at home, you will know who came to your door.


2. Why need visitor machine (Brinno Peepholeviewer 1330M)

There is no any secure way to record the visitors when your friend visit you but no one at home, normally will make phone. If the visitor no your friends and have bed idea for your family, it will make them making time record to know when you are not at home and irrupt inside, Our idea is using a camera taking photo in back of the original peephole lens with motion detect sensor to record all visitors. It takes photo from original peephole lens, it will make all visitor don’t know the original peephole lens can do photo recording automatically. When you come back home, you can check camera recording list to know who visit you today. if the one always visit you but you don’t know this guy before, you should carefully and notice your family or police earlier to avoid bad thing happen. It will reach Prevent home invasion crime happen.


3. How can we installation it?

Brinno Peephole Viewer 1330 is using the original peephole lens to make improvement of the door security. It’s not to replace or change the shape of the door and there is still with Construction prevention. Only 5 min with 4 step, you can easy installation it. Video link It has get certificate by UL, in fireproof lever UL10 C and door Construction proof.



Detect sensor (MAS100) there also has two parts, inside PHV1330, another in outside of door


4. How does it work?

When Motion Activated Sensor (MAS100) detects the movement in the detecting area from outside of your door, it will wake up PeepHole Viewer (PHV1330) to record images. So even if you are not at home, you only need check image list in PHV1330, you will know who ever came to your home!


5. Where we can buy?


Where to buy:

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